SPECIAL FEATURES


We have a team of trained technocrats having profound experience in dealing with all sorts of industrial planner machine. Our planner machine is widely used in different industrial applications such as creating flats and angular surfaces. Our machines are widely appreciated worldwide for their high performance, sturdy construction, low maintenance and high tensile strength. Further, we welcome customization of our machines as per client's requirements. We cater to diverse industries such as sugar mills, paper mills, cement factories and railways. We offer these machines at lucrative prices.


 The Bed

• Bed fabricated using high duty alloys grey casting having proper strength & long wearing qualities
• Deep box section & tied together at frequent intervals by double walled bridge pieces extended to the bottom of bed
• Two 'V' guides accurately hand scrapped up to extreme limits

The Table

• Box section with hand scrapped 'V' ways to bear heavy load
• Heavily ribbed & the Rack provided in it is spur milling cut & non wearing quality for smooth running
• Adequate number of 'T' slots provided to clamp the work-piece precisely & securely

The Gearing

• The main bearings for gearings are cast solid with the bed & Gear Teeth are Hob Cut Helical gears of finest quality material provided which are strong enough to stand increased cutting & quick return speed
• Gun metal bearings have been provided for all the shafts & Ball bearings for loose pulleys

The Cross Rail

• Box section heavily ribbed with large surface 
• Suitable for both hand & automatic horizontal & vertical feeds

The Tool Posts

• Manufactured using close grain castings & steel to stand heavy cut.

• Special type of Dog Clutch fittings are provided for vertical lifting of the tool post.

• It can be driven both manually and mechanically. 

The Columns

• Uprights of rigid box section firmly, bolted on the bed for precise alignment capable of absorbing the heaviest shocks without vibration
Location pins provided to help refit machine accurately after once it is dismantled 
Designed for permanent fitting of the side tool posts.


• Automatic lubricating system with suitable forced pump provided to facilitate the lubrication of bearing surface
• Wiper fitting & oil filter trays fitted to keep the 'V' guides clean of oil, to avoid oil wastage & filtering of oil
• Provision for oiling the gears from outside


1. Robust and rigid construction throughout, ensuring vibration free working.

2. Special Alloy casting to ensure maximum strength and long life.

3. Quick Return motion to save return stroke time.

4. Feed Mechanism Designed to advance only in the return stroke.

5. All working parts properly seasoned and machine finished on imported machines, followed by proper scraping, to obtain more precision working and long life.

6. Lubrication System so designed that lubricant reaches to every individual part.

7. Gear Box placed in such a position as to enhance the appearance of the whole machine.

8. All gears cut on imported hobbing machine, hence smooth and silent run.

9. Gear shifting levers interlocked to prevent breakage or damage.

10. Most upto-date stroke adjusting arrangement.

11. Tool Holder so designed that it holds the tool on any desired angle and in any required position most efficiently.

12. High friction cluth in easy reach to operator to stop and start the machine in a moment.

13. All parts are standardised, hence replacable.


Optional features :

         Double Tool Post

         Auto Lifting

         Grinding attachment

         Side Tool Post

         Milling attachment

         Auto Lubrication