SPECIAL FEATURES


 We are reckoned as one of the preeminent manufacturer and supplier of Horizontal Surface Grinding Machines that are designed and developed using good quality heavy duty cast iron with durability, tensile strength and resistivity to adverse conditions. The methods used to manufacture these machines ensure that they are absolutely vibration-free and noiseless working. We provide to our customers guaranteed grinding accuracy on the machine and also the operator can easily handle all controls of the machine. Our team takes utmost care while fabricating every part that is incorporated in the machine precisely. Such fabrication enables the machine to achieve maximum accuracy and give effective performance; these machines are widely appreciated by our clients.


1. Base: The saddle and column of the vertical feed mechanism are supported by the heavy duty casting of the base. All the components are well designed and heavily ribbed for the best rigidity and dampening capacity. Base is ground finished all over to ensure high accuracy. 

2. The Grinding Wheel Spindle:  The wheel head spindle runs in precision angular contact bearing are used on the cartridge spindle, integrated with a dynamically balanced shaft, preloaded for optimum rigidity and life, assuring smooth and chatter free finish under the most demanding conditions. The spindle is greases packed. The motor is directly coupled to the spindle through a flexible coupling to eliminate vibrations.

3. The Wheel Head Assembly: The wheel head assembly as mounted on a heavy column enclosed guide ways with cover to keep them dust free. Vertical slide ways and the grinding wheels, creating a perpendicular movement of the spindle in relation to the working table, The housing construction is also designed for better rigidity.

4. Carriage: Are perfectly hand scrapped and matched guide ways to achieve maximum accuracy and surface finish. 

5. Working Table: The working table executes only longitudinal movements; This ensures full contact and support from the machine bed. V and flat guide ways are Oil dipped to guarantee smooth table movement regardless of the load on the table.


Surface Grinder Machine is used for assorted grinding applications which include squaring of material, for sharpening cutting tools, truing flat metal stock and for sharpening die sets and punches. Low maintenance, high endurance, efficiency are the exclusive characteristics of these Horizontal Surface Grinder.


  • The manual system supplies oil to guide ways and lead screws as the machine operates. This lubrication system ensures all the critical components are lubricated with the right amount of oil at all times.
  • All hand wheels, levers switches are conveniently grouped at the front of the machine for convenient operation of the machine.
  • All slide ways and electrical switch box are sealed from dust, chips and coolant for easy maintenance and longer life of the machine.
  • Hydraulic power unit and coolant tank are separated from the machine.
  • Independent lubrication system to the guide ways of the table and grinding wheel head (in Hyd. models only).
  • All machines are covered under Full one year warrantee against any manufacturing defect.


All machines are supplied with a Test piece ground on the machine as a guide line to customer so that customer can know the surface finish value possible to achieve on the machine. FINISH: 025 um Ra (using 60 grit wheel on hardened test piece). Surface Finish of the test piece is measured from Research & Development Center, Focal Point Ludhiana and a certificate is issued for the actual surface finish value achieved.

Standard Equipment:

  • Wheel flange
  • Flange puller
  • Grinding wheel
  • Standard hand spanner
  • Clamp bolts & table guards
  • Table mounted wheel dressing block.


  • Machine lamp
  • Diamond dresser
  • Coolant system with tank
  • Wheel balancing stand with arbor.
  • Fine feed for cross / vertical movement
  • Wheel dresser mounted on wheel head
  • Antifriction material for guide ways (TURCITE-B)