• The machine is robustly and sturdily constructed and capable of carrying jobs like boring, turning, grooving and taper turning.
  • All castings are of G-20 grade with 180 x 10 H.B hardness.
  • All Gears are EN-36 material and properly heat treated.
  • Accuracy of the machine is according to Dr. Schelesinger’s specification.
  • Safety limit switches are provided for the vertical movement of the Horizontal slide and Horizontal movement of the tool post slide.
  • Bath lubrication is provided for the main spindle of the main gear box.
  • Main spindle is moving in cylindrical roller bearing.
  • Vernier scale can be provided for the vertical movement of the tool post.
  • In accordance with our continuous improvement, we reserve the right to change the specification without notice.

Model : 2000 mm 1500 mm
Machining Capacity    
Max Turning diameter 2200 mm 1700 mm
Max working height 1400 mm 1400mm
Diameter 2000 mm 1500 mm
Main drive motor 20 HP 15 HP
Speed 6 No’s. 6 No’s.
Main-T-slots 4 couple 4 couple
Auxiliary-T-slots 4 No’s 4 No’s
No. of clamping jaws 4 No’s 4 No’s
No. of Columns 2 2
Cross rail    
Vertical travel 1400 mm 1400 mm
Traverse speed 280 mm.min-1 280 mm.min-1
R.H. Rail head    
Horizontal travel from center to right 1125 mm 875 mm
Vertical ram travel 600 mm 600 mm
Ram swivel range ±30 º ±30 º
Feeds 3 nos. 3 nos.
Rapid traverse 600 mm.min-1 600 mm.min-1
Main motor 20 HP 15 HP
Lifting Motor 10 HP 5 HP
Feed Motor 1 HP 1 HP
Rapid Motor 2 HP 2 HP