1. Design - The press is closed frame construction consisting of base, head & column rigidly clamped by tie rods.
2. Press Slide - The movement of press slide is guided by bushes moving over guide rods. This helps in avoiding any sizing problem in the moulds, particularly in the case of taper & key shaped bricks. This also minimizes the chances of mould damage & reduces the incidence of rag rectification as well.
3. Floating Molding Table - The mould table is suspended on four pneumatic cylinders & also firmly & properly guided in the columns or it can be on springs. The table "FLOATS' during pressing to achieve the so called bottom pressing effect which improves the bulk density distribution from top to bottom of the brick.
4. Brick Ejection - Brick ejection is accomplished by pneumatic actuated slider-cum-locker mechanism. Ejection shaft lowering & lifting is controlled by pneumatic valves.
5. Daspot Mechanism - Ejection shaft is connected to an oil daspot at the bottom to provide adequate cushioning effect during dropping of the bottom punch on the press bed.
6. Brake System - An effective brake system is incorporated by providing two spring loaded friction shoes which hold the flywheel in upper position in the pressing cycle. Effective functioning of the brake is ensured by proper adjustment in the operating mechanism.
7. Press Operation - Press up & down movement is accomplished by a operating handle with good leverage for easy operation. Optionally pneumatic pressing system can also be supplied on request.

Capacity Tonnes Per Sq. inch Pressure 150 100
Max stroke M.M 500 350
Dia. of spindle M.M 155 120
Plunger Size (Length x Breadth) M.M 810 x 470 540 M.M x 310
Main shaft speed R.P.M 210 210
Drive arrangements   Through V. Belts Through V. Belts
Nos. of V. Belts NO. 6 B. Type 4 B. Type
Dia of Driven Pulley M.M 900 750
Size of Table (Length x Breadth) M.M 950 x 810 640 x 540
No. of slots in the table NO. 5 5
Power required H.P, R.P.M  Squirrel Gage Induction Motor 20, 960 15, 960
Normal Production CYCLES PER HOUR 170 appr. 180 appr.
Maximum height of job M.M 225 (Appr.) 160 (Appr.)
Number Of Moulds NO. 2 1